Project Alert: Palia

News / 04 June 2021

Hey, fellow ArtStationeers!

Congrats to Singularity 6 for announcing Palia! You may have seen the trailer and some images yesterday - and we're happy to note that we have have been doing early rock exploration, a ton of house equipment, some larger pieces (e.g, the Blacksmith house and its interior) as well as prop concepts for over year now. It's been a sweet experience so far, and we're thrilled about how everything is coming together. :)

We don't have any portfolio material yet, but wanted to give a shout-out to the fabulous artists who do or did contribute to this on our end. (Hence a blog post.) Virtual high-fives to Benjamin Sauder (lead), Frédéric FouqueSvenja RösnerJasmin Habezai-FekriBenjamin SauerRodrigo MizunoClara Soro-Bablet, Steffen Unger, and Jenny Harder (concepts)!

Also, big tip of the hat to the crew of Singularity 6 for having us and all the other wonderful artists working on this! Pre-alpha to launch soon-ish, so you might want to keep an eye on the official website or various social media channels listed there.