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Offering Berlin Office Space to Ukrainian Game Artists

General / 26 February 2022

Hello, fellow ArtStation community!

There's a topic that's on everyone's mind this week. We're saddened, worried and dismayed by the news and footage that reaches us from the Ukraine, and we're anxiously reading reports from friends and peers who live or have family there, fearing for their safety and lives.

We discussed internally what Airborn could do beyond the usual means and decided that we'll make our office space available to Ukrainian game artists. If you're currently stuck in Berlin and can't travel home or happen to be in the process of leaving Ukraine and making your way here, we can offer a desk, hardware if needed, internet access, the usual facilities (e.g., kitchen) and the company of some fellow art weirdos (i.e., us) in case you need to place to go about your work during the day. Know someone like this? Feel free to pass this one. We'll also try to help where we can with bureaucratic obstacles one may encounter or seeing what accommodation options there might be. No hard promises on that though since it's a pretty dynamic situation and we're new to this as well. The best we can do under these circumstances.

What else can anyone do? Stay informed and take unvalidated news from sketchy sources with a massive grain of salt. More importantly, you can help by donating to organizations like the Red Cross and other channels. and engage with your local politicians to let them know how important this is to you.

To everyone who is directly affected by this: our thoughts are with you and we're hoping you and your loved ones manage to stay out of harm's way as best as possible.

Update: Adding a few resources and pointers here.