Overwatch 2 - Cole Cassidy

Hey, dear ArtStationeers! Your eyes are not deceiving you: this is the new Cole Cassidy you'll see in Overwatch 2, and it's been an absolute honor for us that we got to do 3D work on his base version. And yes, we can hereby say that we're working on Overwatch 2! That's probably not going to be utterly shocking news to some here given our history with Overwatch, but news it is. :)

3D Artist: Tim Moreels

©2021 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Concept, face, hair, weapon provided by Blizzard. A big virtual group hug for our friends in the Overwatch team - not just for having us in general and because it's always a team effort, but also for making this possible. In our line of business we usually can't talk about our involvement in or--even less likely--show actual work done for a project until it has shipped. So, being able to add this fella to our portfolio so early is a privilege we don't take for granted. Thank you! <3