Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 Roadhog Gear

Guess what is back in glorious snow action since December 12th? Yes, Overwatch Winter Wonderland is kicking off again! It'll include a new game mode called "Mei's Yeti Hunt" - which also means the Winston skin we contributed to Winter Wonderland 2016 will show up again, of course! But we also got the chance to work on this australian christmas skin!

More to come ... ? possibly!

Aljona Bulgar - Weapon Artist and Texture Artist on Hook and Tuna Can
Marco Leal - Blockout, Highpoly and Lowpoly of Hook and Tuna Can

© 2016 Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

Character by Rabcat
Rigging by Alyssa Diaz
Concept by Morten Skaalvik
the background and additional work done by the overwatch team

Overwatch Seasonal Event | Winter Wonderland 2017 (skip to 1s)