Overwatch Brick Bastion

Yes, it's Brick Bastion! It's been an absolute honor and blast getting to work on what most definitely is one of the sweetest Bastion skins (if not: Overwatch skins) ever! Big, big, big tip hat to our friends over at Blizzard!

And you know what else is great? All you need to do is win 9 Overwatch matches to get this one! The challenge will be up until Sept. 30, so get going if you haven't done so yet! \o/

Marco Leal - Master of almost everything but the muzzleflash
Marco did the bird, the gun, the bot, the tank, the turret, all of it. Brick by Brick, crazy guy this Marco.


© 2016 Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

Base Model, Highpoly Base, Gun, Concept, Rigging and additional work done by the Blizzard Entertainment team.