Albion Online : Steppe 3d Buildings

Since early 2016 we had been working with the friendly souls over at Sandbox Interactive, contributing concepts as well as 3D assets for the world of Albion Online. Much of our time was spent on defining the specific look of buildings and props in each biome - here's a glimpse of the work we did for the steppe setting.
The texture has been delivered by Sandbox Interactive in form of one sheet with several tilable materials.

3d Artists involved:

Benjamin Sauder - 3d Lead

Alexandra Graap - Junior 3d Artist
Aljona Bulgar - Junior 3d Artist
Berker Siino - Senior Environment Artist
Dävid Fraaß - Senior Environment Artist
Jonas Kunert - Art Intern

2d Artists involved:

Johannes Figlhuber - 2d Lead

Dominik Gröstlinger - Senior Concept Artist
Simon Kopp - Senior Concept Artist

feel free to head over to the 2d versions of these