Crash Bandicoot 4 - Rush Hour concepts

Hello, ArtStationeers! The finishing line is in sight when it comes to our Crash Bandicoot 4 portfolio output - time to dive into one more setting that yours truly got to helm the concept work on. :3 Welcome to the Sn@xx Dimension!

In Rush Hour, Dingodile and Tawna have to master the challenges the busy sci-fi city life throws at them. We didn't do the 3D work on this one, but Rush Hour is re-using and re-purposing a good amount of assets our 3D team built for the other two Sn@xx levels.

Concept Artists:
Simon Kopp (Lead)
Ilka Hesche
Brun Croes
Max Degen
Thomas Michaud

As usual, big art high-five to Josh Nadelberg and the rest of the splendid Toys for Bob gang for having us! And tip of the hat to the 3D artists! <3