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Airborn UE5 Showcase

Hello there!

As some of you knew or guessed based on a few teasers we dropped, a while ago we at Airborn Studios decided to stop by an old friend again. Rekindle an old love. Return to our roots. You get the gist. :)

After a hibernation phase of many years, we made the call to revisit the project that our studio is named after.
Wondering what it would be like if we dive back into that world with new ideas, a different approach, a mix of Airborn veterans and new team members, and the determination to use the latest technology to push stylized game art and stay true to the core pillars of the work that was done way back.

And without further ado, we proudly present the result! For more details, a bit of project background and credits, please check our blog entry to go along with this post!