Crash Bandicoot 4 - Dino Dash & Rock Blocked concepts

Hey hey! Another day, another portfolio update. Your fellow Airbornians got to do the environment concept work on the Eggipus Dimension of Crash Bandicoot 4! Crash and Coco travel back to prehistoric times in this set of levels - the grand finale of which is Dino Dash! :3 The last two images in this album were done for Rock Blocked - which is a separate, alternative path related to this.

Note: if the T-Rex looks familiar to you, you might want to scroll down to refresh your memory. ;)

Concept artists:
Johannes Figlhuber (Lead)
Jean-Brice Dugait
Ilka Hesche
Maximilian Degen
Brun Croes

Dino-tastic tip of the hat to Josh Nadelberg (Art Director) and the lovely team of Toys for Bob for having us, Nicola Saviori (who did a load of creature concepts for Eggipus), and the 3D artists who ended up working on the levels! <3