Crash Bandicoot 4 - Crash Bandicoot polish & fur treatment

Hey there, ArtStation community! Time to slowly get the ball rolling on our Crash Bandicoot 4 portfolio! And roll it will! :3 How about ... the big guy himself? Our friends at Toys for Bob had already created him internally. However, they tasked our character team to do a pass on what was a 'fur-less' character at that point and come up with a treatment that would give Crash a nicely stylized fur. While we were at it, we also did the final unwraps, bakes and textures.

3D Artists:
Tim Moreels (fur treatment, final unwraps, bakes & textures)
Manuel Virks (fur setup & treatment)

Original model and sculpt provided by Toys for Bob and done by Alessandro Briglia & Ed General. Crash Bandicoot concept done by Nicholas Kole. Thanks so much for having us!