Royal Revolt 2 - Skeleton Warrior Concept

We had already worked with keen games and Flaregames before - and we were delighted to be roped in again to do concepts and 3D assets for the wildly adorable Royal Revolt 2! Happy to share some of our work with you here and show how some of the characters evolved from the first sketches to the final 3D model. More to come!

Concept artists:
Mario Manzanares
Dominik Gröstlinger
Kiersten Hale
Johannes Figlhuber (2D supervisor)

3D Artists:
Boris Patschull
Alexandra Graap
Maximilian Grienig
Tim Moreels
Steffen Unger

Jennifer Jason
Rahel Brunold

Artist: Kiersten Hale

Artist: Kiersten Hale

Royal Revolt 2 - The Necromancer