Spyro 2 - Twighlight Harbour Screenshots

Twilight one of the worlds from Spyro the Dragon that we got to re-imagine for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy! We had already done quite a bit of concept work at that point, but TH was the first of seven levels we also did the 3D work on. It's been a blast, and we hope you're having as much fun playing it as we had when working on it!

Concept art:
Simon Kopp
Mario Manzanares

3D level artists:
Manuel Virks
Benjamin Sauder
Jonas Kunert
Berker Siino

Thanks to Toys for Bob and Activision for making us a part of the project and providing guidance! And thanks all the other fantastic artists we got to work along with who created and animated the characters that roam through this level!